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Join the Hibernians: building the future of Irish America!

The AOH is the oldest and largest Irish Catholic Organization in the United States.

We're looking to YOU, the next generation of Irish America, to join our ranks and help build our community.

Hibernians take pride in the ancient history and traditions of our ancestors and work to take it forward to the next generation.
As Catholics, Hibernians stand witness for the most vulnerable and forgotten among us, defending the intrinsic value of each human life.
We foster civic participation to address the issues of the Irish American community by exercising the cherished rights of U.S. democracy.
Hibernians work toward a United Ireland by all legitimate means with Truth, Justice, Equality, and Peace.
Hibernians help educate Irish America on the dangers of Brexit to Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement.
Hibernians work to encourage an equitable U.S. immigration law for Ireland, and cooperate with other groups for fair American Immigration policy.
Mindful of the terrible suffering of the Irish People during the Great Hunger resulting from cruel indifference, the Hibernians work to fight hunger across communities today.
The AOH values the sacrifices made by our nation's veterans. Our goal - to inform and support AOH veterans to help improve their quality of life.
If you are proud to be Irish, of your history and heritage join the Hibernians and show others why.

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